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FAQs About Indoor Plant Hire

Please see below for some common questions about Indoor Plant Hire.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

What are the benefits of hiring versus buying plants?

We do all the work for you from installation to regular visits, keeping your plants looking great. 

How do I know which plants I need?

Every environment is different and won't necessarily work for all plant types. We will come to your office and assess the type of plant suitable for the space and light and discuss the possible selection with you.

Do you look after the plants or do I?

We look after them for you, your job is to simply enjoy them!

How long is the hire contract for?

For long term we would expect six months minimum, but you are not contracted to a time specifically. We can discuss this when we assess the environment and requirements.

What does 'regular maintenance' mean?

At least fortnightly visits by a plant technician, usually weekly, to water, fertilise, trim, remove dead leaves, check for pests and clean as required.

What happens if the plants die?

Because we are regularly maintaining the plants, we can identify any that are not happy. If any plant starts to look unhealthy we will change it for you as part of the maintenance.

I have an air-conditioned office, is this a problem?

No not usually. It is about finding the right plant type to suit, and this means taking into account air-conditioning, hardiness of the plant, lighting and soil requirements. We will only suggest plants which we are confident will work for you.

Are there only a few indoor plants to choose from?

We have a number of suppliers from whom we can source a large selection of plants.

Do you do short term hire?

We can but it does depend on what we have available at the time of contact. Please contact us to discuss.

Can you organise my Christmas tree for the office?

Yes we can purchase, deliver and place your Christmas tree so it is ready for you to decorate. Just send us an email or call 027 44 23 740 to book in.

What kind of containers do they come in?

We will provide examples of what we can supply at the first consultation. These are quality containers in plastic, metal, ceramic or aluminium in a variety of colours and we can also have custom made for you troughs, cylinders and wall frames.

Can we use our own containers?

Certainly! We are happy to work with you on this, just bear in mind the plant type and size of the container must work to ensure the plants have a healthy life.